A Big Family

Hello! Our names are Alessandro and Pasquale and we are the owners of La Tortuga Hostel. Thanks for visiting our website!

We are old friends from the same charming town of Bergamo, Italy. We always loved to discover new places and cultures, and for many years we were living and travelling separately in different countries of the world. We saw our travels as a way of socialising, learning, sharing new experiences and having fun and much of this happened in the many hostels we stayed in.
Years later our paths crossed again on the lovely island of Tenerife and we decided to open our own hostel. Our dream came true in 2015 when, after a long search, we found the villa that we were looking for.
We have a clear idea about the atmosphere that we want to create in our own hostel –  a special place where anyone who arrives (no matter if he/she is a young backpacker or a couple of sixty-year-old tourists) feels like they are at home. We are lucky enough to have fantastic staff that share our ideals and welcome everybody with open arms.

We know that our hostel is held in high regard by our clients not only for the beautiful building, the good location, or the convenient prices, but because they feel like being part of a big family. There is no better reward for us than the appreciation of our clients for the conviviality and hospitality they have found in the hostel, and their desire to return as soon as possible.

We are an open group of friends, with a joyful attitude to life and we are happy when new people enter our world, appreciate our work – so much so that they are even prepared to forgive our ( infrequent! ) mistakes- and become friends.
In this section, you will find a selection of pictures which represents our way of life.